A Day With Umer Shareef


Comedy may sound easy but it’s an art and very few have the ability to crack a joke that actually tickles the funny bone and brought tears of joy in eyes and Umer Shareef is fully blessed with this rare quality.

Umer Shareef doesn’t need any introduction. He is a person with cheerful nature and vibrant IMG_3197personality. He made us laugh through his witty jokes and funky chitchat, quick thinking and spontaneity is whose forte. He has got the charisma and energy that never stales like his jokes that remain every-green and enjoyed lineally.

I got the golden chance to interview the King of Comedy. I reached the set of The Shareef Show ‘Mubarak Ho’. I reached there before time; actually my excitement and merriment to meet him impulse me to reach there as soon as possible. There was usual hustle and bustle that can be seen on every set but as compared to other shows the team of TSS Mubarak Ho was much relaxed. Why?

“Umer Shareef doesn’t need any big backup. He does every show by his own. He is great!” said the researcher of TSS Mubarak Ho. The cheerful gupshup moved on but the fear to interview a person who is master in his field and has interviewed almost all mainstream personalities kept haunting me throughout and it all vanished as soon as I started the interview. I found him a humanist, thankful to God and a down-to-earth person.

GV: What makes The Shareef Show ‘Mubarak Ho’ different from other comedy shows and what new would you offer in Season 2?

IMG_4103US: The new episodes wouldn’t be different but since it is a come back after some break so we have added the word Mubarak Ho in it. It will be on the same pattern like the previous shows but with new celebrities and some segments and yes the essence of novelty is surely ensured in every episode and to bring every show on your screen we have worked hard including every member of Geo and team NJ. It’s a collective effort and it is the only reason behind the stupendous success of this show which has led us to Season 2.

GV: You have given platform to many. They copied your style, earn fame and become stars. How do you feel?

US: Off course, I feel good. It’s just like to plant a seed and when it grows and turned into a giant shady tree and able to give fruit it eventually becomes the source of internal bliss for its gardener. Someone has planted me and given me a chance and for that I am thankful to God. It’s a life cycle. Elders are the inspiration of new comers and I have always got positive response from the young blood.

GV: In The Shareef Show ‘Mubarak Ho’ you have interviewed many celebrities with whom you enjoyed a lot?

US: Well, all in all I have done 200 to 250 interviews and most of them are appreciated and praised by the audience so they can’t be counted on finger tips. Among them there were interviews with Sadr-e-Pakistan (President of Pakistan) and other ministers. I have enjoyed working with everyone. Actually, you get information about others and their lifestyle too.

GV: 20 years back, the nature of comedy was different. Those shows were masterpieces. They were moralistic and have certain standards but now stage comedy has lost its standards. You views over that.

IMG_3192US: When I was doing stage shows at that time theater was the only source of entertainment. The plays were message oriented and near to reality. We used to create a proper scene by using different props that added reality and liveliness in the play. Then we added characters from our normal routine and daily use language and that played big role in the success of any play. But now theater is not entertainment rather it has become commercial and now people are fooled by different tactics to come and visit theater. They use different schemes to sell their tickets.

GV: Umer Shareef a better comedian, host or actor?

US: Some people have the capability to work within a single field where they groom and flourish their innate quality and skill whereas some people are universal – multi talented. They could be a radio or video jockey, they can do hosting, write books or do production for TV and cinema and I include myself under this group. Allhumdulliah I am interested in all the 18 fields and enjoyed every bit of that.

After asking some serious questions I was all ready to ask some rapid fires and his impulsive replies fully changed the atmosphere and charged us again.

IMG_3845GV: For you Sunday is….

US: (Gave stern look) Mein Koi Toliye Ki Factory Mein Kam Kerta Hun Jo Mere Chutti Hogi? Mere koi Chutti Nahi Hoti

(Do I work at towel factory that I get a holiday? I don’t get any holiday)

(And room was filled with guffaws)

GV: Are you a foodie? Which food do you like?

US: I am a foodie. I love food. My favorite dish is fish whereas I enjoyed eating desi food, home-made items like Pulao and Baisani Roti etc. I thank God and eat every dish that is brought in front of me.

GV: For you, family is? And with whom you are attached more sons or daughter?

US: Family is everything. It is the most important component of my life and I am attached with all my kids.

GV: Select any one: Reema, Meera or Veena

US: (Jauntily replied) Meine en teenu k sath kam ker k en ko select nai kia ab kia karonga!

(While working with the three, I didn’t select anyone so how can I select one

GV: Your best Friend is…

US: I myself… Umer Shareef is my best friend. He remains with me every time

Till the end of the interview I was fully impressed by his personality and suddenly a question struckIMG_4200 my mind…

GV: What’s the secret of your energy? We youngsters at this age get tired soon but you remain fresh Masha’Allah how?

US: (Thinking deeply) first of all Allah ki Rehmat (God’s mercy) then will power.

GV: How is your overall experience?

US: My over all experience is good. Allah has blessed me with success in all fields – Allhumdulliah

After the interview, I asked Umer Shareef some tips of interviews and he candidly shared some useful information that will surely help me throughout my career.

Honor and wealth is in the hand of God but to maintain it, depends on the person and the way he pursues it reflects in his behavior and Umer Shareef reflects it well. Umer Shareef is the name of magic that never fades and glows with all its enchantment and effervesce. Watch him every week in The Shareef Show ‘Mubarak Ho’ every Sunday at 7:00 PM.

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