Modern man in modern world lives in between thousand engagements and pressure. They can be related to any field of his life whether work, relatives or family. It is obvious that today we have become extremely mechanical without having any outlet for the release of our pressures. Amidst the rising terror, fear and accidents the thing essential for preservation of mind and soul is happy moments of laughter as they are reducing rapidly from our lives.

It is an equal honor and pride to state that Geo network is the only channel in Pakistan which has cared for its viewers in every way therefore “The Sharif show” is in the lead in this respect. Humor is infectious because sound of an exploding laughter is far more pestilential than the sound of cough or sneeze. When laughter is shared it unites people increases happiness and intimacy also serves as a powerful antidote to stress, pain and conflict.

A person of the similar nature and cheerful personality habitual of spreading smiles bringing in joys by his spontaneous replies exist in our media industry named “Umar Sharif” and host of “the Sharif show”. He had been the heart throb of stage dramas and now eligible of scattering his vibrancy on TV screens too. The king of comedy presents the show on Geo network with the same exuberance which were observed in his stage dramas “bakra qiston pe”, budha ghar pe hai” and others.

The plus point of Sharif show new series is that it is not just a comedy program lacking informative subjects in fact every famous celebrity is called upon the stage taking from field of politics or glamour. Umar Sharif infuses the color of joy through his witty answers and serious topics are often brought forth and discussed with subtle pun in the conversation.

As rightly said that

your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools, you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.”

For this purpose Geo network has always deserved a lion’s share in producing healthy entertainment programs. To make Sunday a fun day Sharif show is on wheels ;)

Be ready for bundles of laughter coming ahead in Sharif show every Sunday!!

Do you like this show?? What other addition you want to see in the program??share your views musttt!!

User Submitted Content: Written by our fan Ayesha Rehman

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